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Grand Rapids search warrants lawyer offers expert legal guidance and representation for clients involved in cases concerning search warrants, advocating for their legal rights and challenging evidence obtained through search warrants.

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A search warrant for your household or other property in Norton Shores, Michigan, permits police to enter, search through, and confiscate anything that they assume to be evidence. The police don’t typically give forewarnings about serving search warrants. So, most times, the people being served are caught by surprise. If you’re in this situation, it’s essential to have one of our committed, practiced legal representatives in your corner.

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You don’t have to be concerned about what to say or not, or what to do or not do if the police are outside with an active search warrant. Don’t get involved with police business. Allow the officers to do their duty, while you call your lawyer here at our Norton Shores law firm. Attorney Moore is a former assistant prosecutor, and he’s always ready to shield your rights, in and out of court.

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All family law and defense lawyers here at the David G. Moore Law Firm thoroughly understand what police officers are and aren’t allowed to do when serving a search warrant. Let us safeguard your rights.
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We’ve aided hundreds of our neighbors in Norton Shores, Michigan to deal with situations involving search warrants. Trust our decades of familiarity in dealing with the judges and other court officials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of a search warrant affidavit?
    An affidavit is a lawful document that directs the legal justification for issuing a search warrant. It should assert any facts or probable allegations that explain its issuance, and specifically indicate which property is to be searched.
  • What establishes whether a search warrant can be issued in Norton Shores, MI?
    A magistrate or judge may issue a search warrant for a vehicle, property, or anything else he or she considers essential to further a criminal probe.
  • Can I decline to allow the Norton Shores police into my home if they come with a search warrant?
    Please don’t. If you try to forbid police from exploring your home when they have a search warrant, the results could be quite unfortunate. Be pleasant instead. Then, call us for guidance about what to say and do.
  • What happens if I do try to prevent an officer from searching my home if he has a search warrant?
    The police won’t delay to physically restrain you while they search through your home. You might also be arrested, and, possibly, incarcerated. Please allow the police to execute their duties without interfering.
  • How can a David G. Moore Law Firm criminal defense lawyer assist me if the police arrive with a search warrant?
    We can assist you throughout every action of the process. You'll find our guidance about answering police questions vital. Trust us to protect your rights while directing you about what to do and say.
  • How can I reach the David G. Moore Law Firm for assistance with a search warrant problem?
    Just call us when it’s good for you at (269) 338-8308. We’re here to assist you with smart, responsive legal advocacy throughout the entire search warrant process, and beyond.