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If you’ve been accused of embezzlement, shoplifting, or another theft-related criminal charge in Norton Shores, MI, get in touch with the theft crimes defense lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm. We’ll work together with you to establish the best course for you as you advance through your case. If you are responsible and admit it, we’ll guarantee that the court ponders the circumstances that led to your connection in the crime – like extreme peer pressure, an intense impulse, or another self-disintegrating reason that caused your actions. You need a qualified attorney.

Deliberate Advocacy Against Theft Charges

The theft charge defense solicitors at our law firm recognize that good people occasionally end up in unfortunate situations because of economic hardship, using alcohol or drugs, unrestrained emotional reactions, and more. We’ve aided many clients through first-time theft accusations, and others with long records of comparable offenses. In all cases, we bring eager representation to protect our clients’ human rights and ensure that they reach the best possible conclusions in court.

When you arrive at the Norton Shores, MI courthouse to deal with your theft crime accusation, you’ll feel so much more confident knowing that you have a certified team of criminal defense lawyers in your corner. You’ll likely only get one chance to make your case shine as intensely as possible, and the tactical services we deliver are vital.

Our solicitors persistently work to have our clients’ charges reduced or dropped completely based on our precise research of all aspects of their cases. And if charge dismissal or reduction isn’t possible, your lawyer will continue acting to ensure that any penalties you receive will be the least impactful. Our clever Norton Shores defense attorneys will fight for you to make sure that you attain the best possible outcome.

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The capable criminal defense lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm offer many decades of combined capability, tested and demonstrated tactics, and an exceptional record of success.
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We manage each case with tailored attention to the smallest details. Let’s sit down and talk over the details of the circumstances that led to your charges. Then, we can discuss the best ways to represent you.
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With thousands of content clients, our lawyers have developed calculated protocols for representing Norton Shores residents charged with an extensive range of theft-related crimes.

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frequently asked questions

  • Who is Attorney David G. Moore?
    Now, David G. Moore is a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Norton Shores, Michigan, and surrounding areas. He is also a former assistant prosecuting attorney of both Cass County and St. Joseph County.
  • What are the potential penalties of a theft conviction in Norton Shores, Michigan?
    Penalties for theft-related violations include making financial restitution to victims, serving the community on your time, fines, jail, prison, and whatever else the judge decides.
  • What are the usual types of theft-related crimes?
    Theft includes a wide-ranging scale of criminal violations - including automobile theft, burglary, larceny, robbery, embezzlement, and shoplifting.
  • Is it possible to have theft charges diminished or discharged?
    It’s achievable, but, of course, not ensured. Your attorney will look at all possibilities for charge reduction or removal as your case develops.
  • Who should I talk about my theft case within Norton Shores, Michigan?
    Just your attorneys. Please abstain from discussing the elements of your case with anyone else. Your solicitor will instruct you about whom to speak with and which topics to avoid.
  • What is the contact telephone number for the David G. Moore Law Firm?
    You can call our team when it’s convenient for you at (269) 338-8308. We’re here to answer your questions and schedule your first consultation appointment.