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If you’re indicted for a white-collar crime, like fraud or money laundering, for instance, you certainly need rigorous, clever legal representation. The David G. Moore Law Firm in Norton Shores, MI offers top-quality advocacy, always directed at charge removal or reduction. We’ll do everything feasible to guarantee the best possible result for you in court. Trust us to manage the situation for you and lighten your stress load.

Ex-Prosecutor Turned Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney David G. Moore is a former assistant prosecuting attorney from both Cass and St. Joseph County, Michigan. He knows the law from the prosecutorial angle, and he understands how prosecutors think and function. He and his team of highly successful criminal defense lawyers represent those who stand accused across an encompassing spectrum of white-collar crimes – and they devise client-focused tactics for every case.

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The white collar criminal defense attorneys at our Norton Shores law firm understand how damaging guilty verdicts can be for individuals and their families. Rely on us for enthusiastic representation.
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To produce the best potential outcomes, it’s critical that we understand the details of your situation. We’ll dedicate time to understand the minor details of what led to your current circumstances.

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The lineup of criminal defense lawyers at the David G. Moore Law Firm has vast knowledge of the most effective approaches to battling white collar crime accusations. Trust in our capability as we fight for your future.

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frequently asked questions

  • How long will managing a white collar crime indictment take to resolve in Norton Shores, MI?
    Each case is distinctive. There are no standards to say how long a given case will require to settle. Some of the elements that establish the timeframe include the value and accessibility of witnesses, the transparency and strength of the proof that's been presented, the court’s readiness to proceed, and your character in the courtroom.
  • Is it viable to challenge a white collar crime indictment?
    It's absolutely possible. The procedure begins with identifying and comprehending the circumstances that caused the accusation. Depending on your individual conditions, the allegation might be challengeable based on entrapment, illegal search, insanity, insufficient evidence, or lack of intent.
  • Is there a chance my white collar crime accusations can be dismissed altogether?
    It's possible in some cases, but you have to realize, most times, it doesn't happen without authentic reasoning. It's always beneficial to keep a positive outlook, and you can be confident that we’ll do whatever’s possible to have your white collar criminal charge dismissed, or diminished to a less serious charge.
  • How expensive is retaining an effective white-collar crimes lawyer in Norton Shores?
    Every case is distinctive and has several variables that impact the final cost of legal representation. Your detailed charges, past criminal activities, the court's accessibility, and whether people were injured or killed as a result of your actions all contribute to the total cost of advocacy.
  • Can I enter a plea bargain in Norton Shores, MI white collar crime case?
    It’s possible, but depends on the prosecutor and judge. Plea bargaining is deemed a privilege, not a right. The odds of you being offered the possibility for plea bargaining will depend on the seriousness of the charges against you, how compelling the evidence is, your criminal record, the prosecutor's incentive, and the proficiency of your lawyers.
  • What's the phone number for the David G. Moore Law Firm in Norton Shores, Michigan?
    If you live in or close to Norton Shores, MI, you can call us at (269) 338-8308. We're always here to answer your questions and support you however we can.