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Police continue to aggressively close down Michigan meth labs

When police in Kalamazoo, Michigan, searched the home of a 55-year-old stabbing victim, they may have been surprised to find a meth lab inside. Meth labs are prevalent in Kalamazoo and surrounding cities. Earlier in April, a man from Ostego suffered second and third degree burns after his house started on fire. Police believe the fire was started by the man’s one-pot meth lab. Prosecutors will likely charge him based on what the police found.

In another incident in late March, two men were suspected of manufacturing meth on an island located on the St. Joseph River. The police caught the men on a blue paddle boat heading downriver, and arrested them for possession of meth and for maintaining a meth lab.

Around the same time, police in Buchanan Township found a meth lab inside the home of a person they were arresting on a misdemeanor warrant. The police say they noticed evidence of meth manufacturing outside the person’s home. When they went inside the home, they found components and ingredients used to manufacture meth. The 37-year-old homeowner has been charged with operating and maintaining a meth lab.

Police in southwest Michigan have been aggressive in their efforts to close down meth labs. In some rural areas like Van Buren, St. Joseph and Cass counties, people who purchase products associated with meth production are likely to get arrested or be investigated for manufacturing meth.

With a conviction for manufacturing or possessing meth ingredients carrying a potential sentence of 20 years, it is important for those charged with meth related crimes to explore all constitutional issues related to their case. This includes evaluating the police department’s search and seizure to ensure it complied with the law.

Source: Kalamazoo Gazette, “Trina L. Peake, 25, charged with murder in Kalamazoo Township stabbing,” Joe Stando, March 30, 2012

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