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If you believe you were wrongly convicted or too harshly punished, there may be opportunities to appeal the outcome of your case. Criminal appeals require evidence of some error that prevented you from getting your fair day in court. It takes a trained eye to spot those errors in the trial record and a special set of skills to present compelling arguments on appeal.

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Challenging Errors Made At Trial

You cannot appeal simply because a jury found you guilty or because a judge imposed the maximum penalty. An appeal is not a new trial, and the appellate court does not hear new evidence. An appeal is strictly based on errors in the original trial or post-conviction sentencing that made it difficult or impossible to get a fair shake, such as:

  • Damaging evidence improperly allowed in court
  • Beneficial evidence wrongly excluded
  • Other errors of law by the trial judge
  • Misconduct or prejudicial actions by the prosecutor
  • Incompetence by your prior defense attorney
  • Improper deviation from the sentencing guidelines

A successful appeal may set aside the conviction and either dismiss the charges or win you a new trial. An appeal can also reduce the sentence or send the case back to the trial court for resentencing.

Contact An Experienced Appellate Lawyer

Our attorneys are skilled at reviewing the court transcripts to identify viable grounds for appeal. We understand that your freedom and your future are at stake, and we will faithfully pursue any legitimate appeals to get justice for you.

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