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Man faces drug charges after police find crack cocaine in home

A drug raid in Buchanan, a little more than an hour outside Kalamazoo, has led to one arrest and various items seized. The raid, which occurred on the afternoon of March 14, was a joint effort among various agencies, including the Buchanan City Police, Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, Berrien County Sheriff Narcotics Unit, FBI Violent Task Force and Child Protective Services. Various drugs were allegedly found in the home, including crack cocaine.

According to police, investigators found 7 grams of crack cocaine, 16 marijuana plants and one pound of marijuana already processed. In addition to drugs, police also found a Lincoln Navigator and video surveillance system, which were both seized.

A 35-year-old man was arrested on various drug charges, including drug manufacturing, maintaining a drug house, possession of marijuana and possession of crack cocaine with intent to deliver. The man is currently awaiting trial at Berrien County Jail.

Drug charges and penalties vary from state to state. The severity of the charges also depend on elements such as the type of drug, the amount of drug and any other circumstances, including the offender’s criminal record. Whether or not any other crimes were committed during the drug raid is also a consideration. In this case, drug manufacturing is a more serious crime than drug possession only, so the punishment will likely be more severe.

Penalties run the gamut. They can range from a fine of a few dollars to several years in jail. Judges have the discretion to, for the most part, dole out any sentence they feel is reasonable considering the circumstances. Probation, community service or enrollment in a substance abuse program may also be required.

Source: Michigan Live, “Buchanan drug house raided; Marijuana, crack cocaine, surveillance equipment and SUV seized,” Nicholas Grenke, March 15, 2013.

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