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Michigan principal facing ‘Super Drunk’ driving charges

An elementary school principal in Michigan was recently arrested for drunk driving after other drivers on the road reported that her vehicle was swerving off the road and onto a school’s property. The principal was charged with drunk driving, and if she is convicted, she will have a “super drunk driving” offense on her criminal record.

The woman is facing a “super drunk driving” offense due to the high amount of alcohol in her blood system at the time of the arrest. Under Michigan law, drivers can be charged under the super drunk driving law if their blood alcohol content level is more than twice the legal limit, which means that any driver who has a BAC at or above .17 can face a “super drunk driving” charge. The principal’s BAC was recorded at .21, according to the police.

After the principal’s drunk driving arrest and subsequent charges, the school board in Michigan that she works for said they will be meeting to determine her employment status if she does not decide to resign from working at the elementary school.

This case shows how drivers in Michigan can face much harsher penalties if they are charged under the state’s super drunk law. Drivers convicted of Michigan’s super drunk law face increased penalties, which includes having their driver’s license suspended, requirements to install an ignition interlock device, pay large fines, face longer jail time and complete an alcohol treatment program. In addition to the consequences, individuals may end up losing his or her job and it could make it difficult to find certain employment in the future.

Individuals who are facing drunk driving charges, including charges under the state’s super drunk law, should contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss their case.

Source: UPI, “Allegedly ‘Super drunk’ principal caught on camera in Michigan,” Kate Stanton, April 30, 2013

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