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Michigan neighbor reports ‘weird behavior’ based on employment

Earlier this month a Michigan woman reported to police what she had deemed “weird behavior” exhibited by her neighbor. When Newschannel 3 interviewed the woman, they asked her why she decided to report this particular incident when he had exhibited similar behavior in the past.

The neighbor said that one reason was that the neighbor was a teacher, and that due to his employment, she felt “obligated to report the behavior.” The woman also said that she had concerns that he would repeat the behavior, either in front of children that were, or could be, on her property or elsewhere.

What did this individual do?

The man had allegedly gone out to his own backyard and relieved himself. The woman noted that she saw him look at her before he unzipped his pants. The woman had gone inside and called the police. An officer later arrived at the scene and observed the neighbor return to the backyard and repeat the behavior.

The man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. The charges resulting from behavior on his private property have already had an effect on his professional career. The school board determined that paid administrative leave was the best option until the case was closed. Should the case result in a conviction, the school said it will also result in the automatic loss of his teaching license.

Understanding the implications of where an alleged crime occurred and any other related circumstances is part of building a good defense against the charges. A Kalamazoo attorney will also ensure that a case does not include speculation as to what could happen, but what actually did happen.

Source: WWMT, “Elementary teacher arrested, charged with indecent exposure,” June 5, 2014

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