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Is rape a felony in Michigan?

Under Michigan law, specific crimes, such as rape, sexual assault and sexual battery, are contained in the general category of criminal sexual conduct. There are different levels of criminal sexual conduct that the state recognizes, and some of those different levels rise to the level of felony charges.

For example, first-degree criminal sexual conduct is a felony. It occurs when the alleged penetration occurs with an alleged victim under the age of 13, with a victim between the ages of 13 and 15 and who is related to or lives in the home of the alleged perpetrator. Or, when force or coercion are used to compel a victim to act.

Criminal sexual conduct may also be alleged if more than one alleged assailant is involved in the alleged criminal act. Or, if an alleged perpetrator causes a victim physical injury and uses force or coercion to compel the victim’s action.

Second-degree criminal sexual conduct is also a felony and involves sexual contact without penetration. It may be alleged in any of the circumstances discussed for first-degree criminal sexual conduct with the defining factor between the two degrees of conduct being the allegation of penetration.

Criminal sexual conduct allegations can result in serious charges against an individual. As with any felony allegations, those who face first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct charges in Michigan can benefit from preparing defense strategies that may help them overcome their felony charges.

Individuals facing allegations of criminal sexual conduct may wish to consult with criminal defense attorneys. These attorneys can help them ready themselves for trial and work to avoid the serious penalties associated with conviction on felony charges.

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