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Whether it was a mistake or poor judgment that led to your arrest, you are probably overwhelmed by the thought of facing criminal charges in Michigan. You could be facing jail time for either a misdemeanor or felony, and some of the most serious crimes are punishable by years or life behind bars. Plus, there are consequences that follow you around even after you serve your sentence. The stigma and having a criminal record are life-changing.

You do not have to face the daunting criminal process alone. With an experienced advocate like David G Moore, Attorney at Law, you gain an edge when up against the prosecution. He spent time as a prosecutor before serving the needs of criminal defendants, so he knows what tactics work to get a favorable outcome. Whether at trial or developing strategies to reduce the impact of criminal charges, David is an asset and an ally.

Having skilled legal counsel on your side is critical. Please contact David G Moore, Attorney at Law, to learn how a Kalamazoo criminal defense lawyer supports your rights.

David specializes in practicing the following types of criminal defense:

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frequently asked questions

  • What types of cases does your firm handle?
    We can assist with any criminal matter in Kalamazoo and throughout the state of Michigan, including OWIs, traffic violations, theft crimes, and related offenses. Our team is prepared to handle cases that are mostly charged as felonies, such as drug offenses, sex crimes, violent offenses, and weapons charges.
  • Will I go to jail if convicted of a crime in Michigan?
    Not always, if you mount a solid defense to get a dismissal of the charges or acquittal at trial. Plus, keep in mind the lower level crimes may not lead to jail time at all if you are a first-time offender. Still, you will have a conviction on your record.
  • What factors affect the penalties of a charge in Kalamazoo?
    The starting point is felony versus misdemeanor, and felonies carry more serious punishment. Your criminal history, if any, may also increase the penalties. Plus, some underlying circumstances matter, such as where the offense occurred and the identity of the victim.
  • Do I have any defenses to the charges?
    There are defenses to every crime in Michigan, but the key is identifying those that suit the facts of your case. It is always a solid defense to expose weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, because the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a heavy one.
  • Are there other ways to resolve a criminal case in Kalamazoo?
    Yes, many criminal cases are resolved by agreement. A plea bargain is a way to avoid jail time if you can negotiate with the prosecutor. Note that you will have to plead guilty in exchange for lenient treatment.
  • Why do I need help from an attorney?
    The government has a lawyer, so you should also have a Kalamazoo criminal defense attorney on your side. Fighting criminal charges takes skill and knowledge, and the consequences of not having a solid defense are devastating.