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Michigan traffic laws are intended to keep drivers safe, so they encourage compliance by imposing punishment when someone violates the rules. To some, getting a ticket is an annoyance, so they will admit breaking the law and pay the fine. However, it is important to appreciate how Michigan traffic violations can create problems for your driver’s license. You accumulate points that can lead to a suspension. Plus, some violations are charged as misdemeanors or felonies, possibly leading to jail time.

Once you realize how traffic citations can affect your interests in the future, you can see that it is always wise to contest the facts and pursue any possible defenses. David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is ready to assist with options, which may include removal of points by meeting other conditions of the court. He is experienced in court, having spent years as a prosecutor before moving into private practice as a criminal defense lawyer. David now uses these skills to fight on your behalf.

If you got a ticket and need help resolving it, please contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, to discuss your case with a Kalamazoo traffic violations lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a traffic citation a serious matter?
    If you want to avoid fines and keep your driving privileges, it is critical that you take a traffic ticket seriously. Fines are money out of your pocket, but not having a driver’s license could affect your job, livelihood, and family.
  • What is the punishment for violating Michigan traffic laws?
    If found guilty of violating traffic laws, the primary punishment is fines. Most fines range in the amount of $120 to $140, but more serious violations increase to higher amounts. Not having insurance could lead to a fine of $240.
  • Could I go to jail for a traffic ticket?
    Yes, you could be imprisoned when your traffic violation is also a crime in Michigan. Drunk driving and drag racing are misdemeanors punishable by jail time. Plus, you could be arrested for a felony if your traffic violation caused a death or serious injuries.
  • What are additional consequences with traffic violations?
    In addition to fines, you accumulate points on your driver’s license with every traffic citation. If you gather 12 or more within a 2-year period, your driving privileges are suspended.
  • Can I challenge the evidence when fighting a ticket?
    You can always contest the evidence presented by the government in a traffic violations case, and you certainly should when the information is weak or lacks credibility. The method for challenging evidence is a motion, a formal request to the court.
  • How can a criminal defense attorney help with traffic violations?
    A Kalamazoo traffic violations lawyer will assist with motions on evidence and other strategies to dismiss the ticket. There may also be opportunities to reduce the citation, which might lower both the fine and points.