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Even if you are unaware of the details, you expect that the penalties for Michigan sex crimes are severe. Rape, sexual assault, and sexual battery constitute Criminal Sexual Conduct, and the degree of the crime varies. The victim’s age, type of contact, use of force, and injuries are all factors, but most sex offenses are felonies. You could spend a few years behind bars, but some of the most serious sex crimes could lead to life imprisonment.


However, you only face these penalties if you are convicted. There are strategies to fight the charges and present defenses, despite the bias against those charged with sex offenses. David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is ready for challenges, as he spent the first part of his legal career as a prosecutor. Being on that side of the case prepared him for private practice, where he aggressively defends those arrested for sex crimes. When mitigation strategies are appropriate, David will pursue plea bargaining and other ways to resolve the charges.


If you were arrested, legal help is critical for getting the best possible results. Please contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, to speak to a knowledgeable Kalamazoo sex crimes lawyer right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is a sex crime defined in Michigan?
    Though there are numerous details, a sex offense generally involves sexual contact or activity by a person against the victim’s will. There are special provisions for children who are victims of sex crimes, because they cannot consent.
  • What is the punishment for a conviction?
    The least serious offense in this category is a misdemeanor, for which you could be sentenced to a maximum of 93 days in jail. Sex crimes increase quickly in severity, potentially leading to many years behind bars or life in prison.
  • Will I face any additional consequences?
    With sex offenses, there is the requirement to register as a sex offender for the time period designated by law. Plus, you will have a misdemeanor or felony on your record. These cases will show up in a background check for employment or other purposes.
  • Are there defenses to sex crimes in Michigan?
    The most effective strategy is to attack the government’s case, because the prosecutor has a heavy burden to prove guilt. You can expose weaknesses in the evidence, possibly getting a dismissal of the charges.
  • What is the timeline for these cases?
    There are several stages of a sex crimes case, so the entire process could take several weeks or longer. After entering a plea and working out bond, you can use pretrial to present defenses or evidence issues. Then, your case moves to trial.
  • How can a defense lawyer help me navigate the criminal process?
    A Kalamazoo sex crimes defense attorney will be at your side to protect your rights. A lawyer will leverage all defense opportunities when they make the most positive impact.