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White collar crimes in Michigan are often misunderstood because they are not specifically defined and actually encompass elements of multiple offenses. The term comes from the fact that the misconduct was usually committed by executives and politicians in the past, but anyone can be arrested for a white collar crime. Most cases will be charged as felonies, especially when they involve numerous transactions, victims, and schemes. The sentence for a white collar crimes conviction could be several years in prison, plus hefty fines.


Considering the serious penalties, legal counsel is critical if you were arrested for white collar crimes. David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, has considerable experience with these cases, first as a prosecutor who learned about defense strategies when fighting in court. He now uses these skills in his private criminal defense practice to serve the needs of clients accused of serious crimes. David will pursue all opportunities to dismiss or get an acquittal for white collar crimes, as well as options for mitigation. You may benefit from a plea bargain, which means reduced penalties.


To learn more about how David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, will support your legal needs, please contact our firm to speak to a Kalamazoo white collar crimes lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a white collar crime?
    Michigan laws do not define these offenses, but the misconduct is illegal under statutes on theft, bribery, fraud, and others. In general, a white collar crime involves taking something of value or misappropriation of property through use of deception.
  • Are the penalties for a conviction serious?
    They can be, but the severity of the punishment depends on whether the white collar crime is a misdemeanor or felony. A misdemeanor is less serious, so the sentence will be less than a year. For a felony, you face several years in prison.
  • What are the collateral consequences of a white collar crimes conviction?
    There are implications that last after you serve your time, because a conviction will be on your criminal record. It will show up in a background check, possibly causing challenges for employment, loans, housing, and other areas.
  • How can evidence be suppressed?
    If police obtained information from you in violation of your Fourth Amendments rights, it must be tossed out of court. An unlawful search and seizure means the prosecution may not have key evidence to convict.
  • Are there other defense strategies for white collar crimes cases?
    If you do not have a complete defense to the charges, you might benefit from other tactics. You may negotiate a plea bargain, in which you plead guilty in exchange for reduced charges, penalties, or both.
  • How can an attorney help with my case?
    It takes in-depth legal knowledge and experience to protect your rights from the moment of arrest to trial. A Kalamazoo white collar crimes lawyer is committed to defending you at all stages to obtain results.
  • Can I be charged with a white collar crime even if I had no intention to commit fraud or deception?
    es, it is possible to be charged with a white collar crime even if there was no specific intent to commit fraud or deception. Many white collar offenses are referred to as "strict liability" crimes, meaning that the prosecution does not need to prove intent to secure a conviction. Instead, these crimes focus on the act itself, regardless of whether you intended to commit the offense or not. In such cases, it becomes crucial to have a skilled white collar crimes attorney on your side who can help build a strong defense and challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution. An experienced lawyer can assess the specifics of your situation, identify potential defenses, and work to protect your rights throughout the legal process. Whether the charges are based on misunderstanding, honest mistakes, or lack of intent, having competent legal representation can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.