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Polygraph examinations—more commonly referred to as lie detector tests—have long been a tool used by law enforcement to elicit confessions in criminal cases. These examinations involve asking the accused a serious of questions while monitoring certain bodily responses as they answer. The idea is that these responses show stress, which is a sign that someone is being untruthful.


The problem is that these examinations are unscientific and inaccurate. There are countless reasons why a person facing a lie detector test might have a stress response outside of lying. Unfortunately, many people submit to this type of testing without knowing the consequences. 


If you want guidance on whether to submit to a polygraph or need an attorney to challenge the results of an examination, David G. Moore is ready to help. Attorney David G. Moore understands the legal issues with these examinations, and he can help you navigate the legal process smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Polygraph Results be Used in Kalamazoo Courts?
    The results of a polygraph examination cannot be used in a criminal trial. This is because the courts recognize the results of these examinations are too unreliable to be used as evidence.
  • Should I Agree to Take a Polygraph Test?
    It is usually not in your best interest to agree to a polygraph examination. There are some limited circumstances where complying with this request might benefit you, but it is vital you speak to an attorney before committing to an examination with the police.
  • How Long is a Polygraph Test?
    The amount of time a polygraph examination takes will depend on the number of questions asked. Some examinations are short, while others can take up to four hours to complete. Attorney David G. Moore could help you understand what to expect during this process.
  • Can I Speak to a Lawyer Before a Polygraph Test in Kalamazoo?
    You have the right to refuse a polygraph examination at any time. That means you can put any condition you want on your participation, including discussing your options with an attorney beforehand.
  • Will Being Nervous Impact Test Results?
    Every polygraph examiner is trained to take into account that most people will be nervous during this process. However, it is impossible to know how an individual might respond in this situation. This uncertainty is one of the reasons these tests are not always accurate.
  • Can Police Lie About the Results?
    Police can use deception during criminal investigations. This includes lying about the results of a polygraph examination.