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For many people, being sentenced to probation is a best-case scenario that keeps them from spending time behind bars. That said, anyone on probation that fails to adhere to the conditions of their release could find themselves in serious legal jeopardy. 


If you have been accused of probation violations, it is critical that you seek out legal counsel right away. The burden for the state to find you guilty of a probation violation is much lower than most other crimes, and you will need a strong defense to avoid incarceration. 


Attorney David G. Moore knows how to defend against alleged probation violations. Whether these alleged acts are new crimes or simply a breach of the terms of your release, you could benefit from a discussion with a Kalamazoo probation violation attorney. 

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frequently asked questions

  • How Can I Choose the Right Attorney for Probation Violations in Kalamazoo?
    Allegations of probation violations are serious. Because the burden of proof is lower compared to a standard criminal case, it is a good idea to rely on an attorney with experience handling probation violation charges.
  • What Evidence Can be Challenged in Kalamazoo?
    You have the same right to challenge evidence in a probation violation case compared to any other criminal charge. This includes the exclusion of evidence obtained illegally.
  • What are the Consequences of Probation Violations?
    If it is determined that you violated your probation terms, you can expect to serve the sentence form your original criminal case. This includes any term of incarceration that was previously suspended.
  • Do I Nee a Lawyer for a Kalamazoo Probation Violation Case?
    The stakes are high, and there is the possibility that you could lose your freedom. It is in your best interest to rely on the experienced guidance of an attorney when you have been charged with violating your probation. Acting as your own attorney only increases the chances of a negative outcome.
  • What Do I Look for in a Kalamazoo Probation Violations Lawyer?
    Relevant experience is vital when it comes to hiring an attorney for a probation violation case. Attorneys that have successfully defendant against these allegations could use their skill and experience in your case. An attorney that focuses their practice on criminal law in general is also important.
  • Is it Possible to Avoid Jail Time in Kalamazoo?
    The outcome of your probation violation case is never guaranteed. In many situations, it is possible to avoid a conviction and establish that you never violated your probation at all. While a favorable outcome is never certain, the best way to avoid spending time behind bars is by working with a skilled probation violation lawyer in Kalamazoo.