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Even as other parts of the US are legalizing and decriminalizing some controlled substances, the drug laws in Michigan remain harsh and punitive. Many of the offenses for possession are misdemeanors, but most trafficking and manufacturing drug crimes are charged as felonies. You could face a long prison term, plus fines and other consequences if convicted. There are defense strategies available, but you may not know where to start with fighting the charges.


David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, applies his high-level knowledge and unique experience to your drug offenses case. He was a prosecutor before moving into private practice, enabling him to learn the tactics and strategies that work for your defense. David has spent considerable time in the courtroom protecting clients’ rights, both during pretrial stages and at trial. He also works diligently behind the scenes when plea bargaining is a suitable fit to resolve drug charges.


Skilled legal representation is critical when you are facing serious drug offenses and severe penalties, and it is important to get qualified help from the moment of your arrest. For additional details on how David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, will defend your case, please contact our Kalamazoo drug crimes lawyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of drug offenses in Kalamazoo, Michigan?
    The three types of misconduct that are unlawful are drug possession, distribution, and manufacturing or cultivating. They are classified as felonies or misdemeanors based upon the amount and type of the drugs involved.
  • How do penalties work if I was convicted in Kalamazoo?
    The first consideration is felony versus misdemeanor, and there are a few drug offenses that are misdemeanors punishable by up to 93 days in jail. Most crimes are felonies, so the prison sentence could be several years behind bars.
  • Are there any defenses to fight drug charges?
    There are ways to fight the allegations based upon a lack of possession, knowledge, and other elements that the government must prove. Plus, you could have a defense strategy if police violated your rights when obtaining evidence.
  • What evidence could get tossed out of court?
    You have a right against unlawful search and seizure, but police may ignore the Fourth Amendment protections. If they seize illegal drugs in violation of your rights, this evidence must be tossed, weakening the government’s case.
  • What are my rights when under arrest?
    You have the right to remain silent, so do not answer questions, make statements, or speak to police. The US Constitution also includes the right to counsel, and you should exercise it right away by calling a criminal defense lawyer.
  • How can a Kalamazoo drug crimes attorney help?
    You will need assistance at all stages, and a lawyer will help with getting bond and presenting defenses during pre-trial. Your legal counsel will also represent you at trial to continue pursuing defense strategies.