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Michigan courts are well-aware that children tend to thrive most when they are allowed to maintain healthy relationships with both their mother and their father. For this reason, the courts strongly encourage divorcing parents to creating a parenting-time (or “visitation”) schedule that fosters strong relationships with their children.

When you need an advocate by your side to help you address parenting-time concerns, turn to our lawyers at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law. Led by experienced family law attorney David G. Moore, our team provides clear counsel and representation in these important matters. We can also help you request changes to existing parenting-time orders as part of a custody modification or due to other needs. Call our office at (269) 808-8007 for a free consultation.

Helping You Create A Schedule That Works Best For Your Family

A typical parenting-time schedule involves the noncustodial parent having the children every other weekend and one evening during the week. However, you are not obligated to follow this pattern. Our lawyers can help you craft a unique parenting-time schedule that works for you. Together, we can discuss:

  • Who will have the children on which weekends or which weekdays
  • Who will have the children on which holidays and school breaks
  • Who will take time off work to care for the children if they become ill
  • Whether you will take turns picking up and dropping off the children or whether you will meet halfway
  • What to do when unexpected circumstances arise (such as a mandatory business trip that interferes with your scheduled parenting time)

If You Can’t Agree On A Schedule, The Court Will Decide For You

In some family law cases, the Michigan courts are obligated to step and determine what the parenting-time schedule should look like. To do so, the court will analyze a variety of factors, including:

  • The unique needs and best interests of the child
  • The age of the child
  • Whether one parent has a history of abuse or neglect
  • How far away the parents live from each other
  • How likely both parents are to abide by the schedule

If The Other Parent Is Wrongly Withholding Your Children, We Can Help

If you were denied access to your children in spite of having a valid parenting plan in place, turn to us right away. Time is of the essence in these matters. As your advocate, we will move quickly to seek “make-up time” to compensate for the time you lost.

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