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What factors impact blood alcohol content?

Many factors affect how quickly blood alcohol content levels rise, including age, weight and gender.

In Michigan, according to the State of Michigan Secretary of State, it is illegal for drivers to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08. However, since there are many factors that impact how quickly
BAC levels rise after consuming alcohol, drivers may have trouble pinpointing whether or not their BAC level is above the legal limit before they get behind the steering wheel.

Important factors

One of the main factors that impacts how quickly a person’s BAC level rises after drinking is the number of drinks consumed per hour. The more a person drinks in an hour, the higher his or her BAC level will be. Some of the other factors that affect BAC level include the following:

  • Gender–Compared with men’s bodies, women’s bodies generally have more fat and less water. Since alcohol does not go into fat cells as easily as other cells, it remains in the bloodstream longer, which results in a higher BAC level.
  • Weight–Someone who weighs more than another person will have a lower BAC level after the same amount of alcohol is consumed. This is because the more a person weighs, the more water is present in his or her body, and water dilutes alcohol.
  • Age–The BAC level of a younger adult will be lower than that of an older adult after one alcoholic beverage.

Those who eat before they consume alcohol may have lower BAC levels. This is because food in the stomach can absorb alcohol during the digestion process.

Consequences of drinking and driving

Those who
drink and drive may face severe consequences if they are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. For instance, all drivers in Michigan, even those who are convicted of a first offense, face a six-month license suspension period. However, drivers may be eligible for reinstatement after the first 30 days of this suspension is served.

Additionally, if a driver is arrested for having a “High BAC,” this crime is associated with a 1-year driver license suspension period. Drivers may be eligible for reinstatement after 45 days, but they must use an ignition interlock device for the remaining period of the suspension.

Contact an attorney

Those in Michigan who are arrested for drinking and driving may have concerns about their future and how it could be impacted by a drunk driving conviction. In this situation, drivers should reach out to an attorney for legal guidance and assistance.

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