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Shaken Baby Syndrome and Child Abuse Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

All too often, the suspect in a shaken baby syndrome case is a parent or a parent figure. A baby’s crying can lead even a devoted parent, stepparent or caregiver to snap and become forceful with the infant in an attempt to stop the screaming. Shaking a baby may cause irreparable brain injury when the brain is knocked rapidly and repeatedly against the inside of a skull. Serious permanent injury or death may result from shaking a baby. Claiming that it was a mistake does not prevent criminal charges. In such cases, criminal penalties can be severe.

For over a decade, our team at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, has served the needs of people throughout Southwest Michigan. Led by former prosecutor David G. Moore, we can help you protect your rights and your reputation if you have been accused of harming a baby.

Get Legal Advice Before Making Statements To Anyone Else

In all criminal cases, including allegations of harming a baby by shaking him or her, the accused should resist any temptation to:

  • Discuss the case with friends or family members
  • Speak to law enforcement agents or investigators without contacting a criminal defense lawyer first
  • Predict how the case will play out in court

The sooner you contact a defense attorney, the more options you may have available to achieve a favorable outcome.

Ensure That Your Rights Are Protected

Sympathy for a baby who has been injured is one thing. Ruining one’s chances at fair self-defense is another. Do not let the strong pathos in a shaken baby syndrome case prevent you from taking steps to defend your reputation, your freedom and your future. If the baby in question is your own child, you run a risk of losing the parent-child bond that you already treasure, if you make mistakes in dialog with police or another government agent.

Contact our office right away if you are under suspicion in a shaken baby syndrome incident. Consult with a lawyer before you speak to law enforcement. Protect your rights, look out for your future and let us advocate for your rights with the verifiable facts as a foundation of your defense.

Contact Us Now For Help

A strong defense in a shaken baby syndrome case begins with a thorough investigation into what actually happened and what can be proven or not proven. The nature of the injuries and the timing of interactions may be in question. Let our lawyers determine where the questions are and how they may prove to be pivotal in your case.

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