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Effective Minor In Possession Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

If you are underage and were stopped by police for any reason, and if the police had cause to suspect you were in possession of alcohol, you will likely be charged as a minor in possession (MIP). Underage drinking can result in losing your driver’s license until you are 21, as well as a criminal record.

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact David G. Moore, Attorney at Law. Our MIP defense lawyers are well-qualified to pursue the goal of protecting your good name and your future by the most promising course of action. Before opening our firm, our founding attorney served as an assistant district attorney. Attorney David Moore and the rest of our team are ready to work hard — and effectively — in your defense.

Penalties Can Be Severe

Large college parties sometimes become hotbeds of risk for being arrested as a minor in possession of alcohol, even if you were not holding any cup, or bottle of beer or wine at the time of the arrest. Police often arrive at a crowd scene of this type and, upon finding a small number of individuals intoxicated and drinking, proceed to ask everyone present for ID. It is easy to be arrested in such circumstances even if you were technically completely innocent at the time of the arrest.

No matter how you were arrested, if you face MIP charges, you have a serious legal situation. Your good standing at your college or university may also be at risk. The consequences of a conviction could cost many thousands of dollars in lost tuition, fines, fees and other expenses, as well as leaving you with the stigma of a criminal record.

Working Hard To Build A Successful Defense

A successful defense of a young person who has been arrested on MIP charges or for an underage drinking offense is developed on a case-by-case basis. We have handled thousands of criminal cases, including many alcohol-related offense matters. If our firm represents you, our goal will be to keep your criminal charges off your permanent record if that is achievable in your case.

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