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Credible Malicious Destruction Of Property Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

If you have been charged or believe you may soon be charged with malicious destruction of property in Michigan, call David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, right away. When our lawyers have the opportunity to come on board in a case such as a vandalism defense matter, they are often able to work out a resolution outside of the realm of criminal prosecution. Restitution and similar solutions sometimes enable a suspect to avoid criminal penalties.

Examples Of Willful And Malicious Destruction

Charges of willful and malicious destruction of property often mean that something like the following has allegedly taken place:

  • Juvenile pranks
  • Smashing windows
  • Knocking over portable toilets
  • Marking a building or fence with graffiti

Suspects in cases of willful and malicious destruction often tend to fall within one of these descriptions:

  • Young (too young to think of consequences, perhaps)
  • Bored, angry, mentally ill or in pursuit of revenge
  • Knowledgeable about an area where a property damage has occurred

A conviction on charges of willful and malicious destruction of property may be at the misdemeanor or felony level, depending on the amount of property involved and the extent of the damage.

Defense Against Arson Or Vandalism Charges

If we serve as your legal advocates after an arrest on charges of willful and malicious destruction of property, we are prepared to work hard in your defense. We want to see you move past this difficult situation with as little long-term damage as possible.

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