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Experienced Solicitation Defense Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

The legal team at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, is led by a solicitation defense lawyer who has vast experience defending clients in such cases. After an arrest on charges of solicitation, an attorney with qualifications such David Moore’s can make a large difference in the outcome of your case. His experience in thousands of cases involving crimes such as criminal sexual conduct has given him insight and tools that will allow him to give you a good idea about how your case is likely to go and advise you accordingly.

If you have been charged with solicitation of a minor or solicitation of a prostitute, contact our firm immediately. Solicitation of a minor often takes place via computers. Solicitation of prostitutes can occur in many contexts. These are very serious charges.

These Can Lead To Other Charges

Many unwitting people who had no previous trouble with the law have had their careers ruined after being arrested on charges of soliciting a minor or soliciting a prostitute. Often, these situations stem from Internet-based activity: placing or answering personal ads on Craigslist, for example. In quite a few cases, a “young person” on the other end of emailed solicitations for sex has turned out to be an undercover law enforcement agent. Even though the perceived minor was not, in fact, a minor, the act of requesting sexual activity from someone thought to be underage is a criminal act.

Other solicitation charges stem from interactions with streetwalkers who appear to be prostitutes but are actually planted for the purpose of entrapment of those who solicit and engage prostitutes in a city environment, in a casino or elsewhere.

Protect Your Reputation, Your Livelihood And Your Future

You may have been falsely accused or your intentions may have been misunderstood in some communications leading up to your arrest on charges of soliciting a minor or soliciting a prostitute. Or you may realize that you had a lapse in judgment — and wonder what to do now to protect your future. You may have a great deal at stake in your career and personal life. It is essential to treat this as a legal emergency.

Do not make the mistake of believing that simply pleading guilty and paying a fine will make this problem go away. It may mar your record for years to come. If you are an elected official, a professional athlete or a teacher, a conviction could be devastating to all that you have worked for in your career and social standing.

Contact A Lawyer For A Free Initial Consultation

You can count on our legal team to provide you with skilled, aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense that protects your rights after an arrest on charges of solicitation of a minor or a prostitute. Call our office at (269) 808-8007 to arrange for a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation about fighting these charges and protecting your future, or contact us online and we will respond quickly.

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