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The economic downturn of recent years has led a number of property owners to consider drastic measures to mitigate their losses. Homes and commercial properties have lost equity, leaving owners with upside-down mortgages (owing more than a property is worth in the current market). Some have set fire to their own buildings in order to collect on insurance.

Other common scenarios leading to arson include domestic disputes and business disputes. A bitter divorce or a business dissolution sometimes triggers strong emotions, tempting parties to consider burning down buildings on purpose. Arson may also be a form of vandalism. Malicious destruction of personal property is a serious crime. If you have been accused or charged with arson, you must see an attorney immediately.

Considering the variety of situations that lead some property owners into temptation to commit arson, you may have a strong suspicion as to why you have been charged with arson even if you feel sure you are innocent. Did circumstances point to you as a strong suspect in an arson case? If you were present when a fire started (or shortly beforehand), you may be charged with a felony if police determine that there is strong evidence pointing to you as a person of interest.

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Our legal professionals at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, are well-qualified to evaluate the facts in your case and draw conclusions as to how best to protect your good name. We have handled thousands of cases involving criminal matters such as arson. Before opening our law practice, our founding attorney served as an assistant district attorney. Our team can advise clients on recommended strategies that take into account processes and procedures on both sides of the law.

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