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The Michigan Legislature has created a “super drunk driving” offense with enhanced penalties for drivers whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over twice the legal limit. If you have been arrested on this charge, it is important to take immediate action to defend your freedom and driving privileges.

Turn to our legal team at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law. Our firm represents individuals in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and throughout southwest Michigan who have been accused of all types of drunk driving offenses, including felony DUI charges related to alleged violations of Michigan’s “super drunk” law.

Working To Minimize The Pain

In 2010, the state of Michigan added the offense of “super drunk driving,” defined as operating with a blood alcohol concentration of .17 or greater. Jail times and license suspension can be doubled for a first offense of super drunk driving. However, the law is targeted toward identifying people with alcohol-abuse problems in order to get them help.

When you hire us, our lawyers will explore your legitimate defenses to the charges, including the legality of the traffic stop and the arrest. If the prosecution has a solid case, you may be eligible for Sobriety Court, which reduces the charges and the penalties in exchange for enrolling in and completing chemical dependency treatment.

Dedicated Defense Against Enhanced Drunk Driving Charges

As DUI defense attorneys, we have also represented people who face greater sanctions for other OWI enhancing factors such as:

  • Causing a crash while drunk
  • Driving drunk with a person under 16 on board
  • Racing or another reckless behavior

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