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Diplomatic Drug Cultivation Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

Michigan law is particularly tough on those charged with cultivating cannabis (marijuana) plants. If you are discovered growing just one seedling illegally, you may be in danger of serious penalties. The penalties increase dramatically for those accused of cultivating plants for distribution.

At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, our criminal defense attorneys are ready to take your case. We are led by Michigan drug lawyer David G. Moore, who is a former criminal prosecutor and now a drug defense lawyer. Lawyer Moore knows exactly what you can expect and how to combat the prosecution’s strategy. Our team has represented youths and college-age adults charged with possession of marijuana. We have also defended property owners in rural Michigan accused of growing marijuana or mushrooms or manufacturing meth or LSD.

Penalties For Marijuana Cultivation In Michigan

The state police conduct flyovers with special heat detection equipment that can locate concentrations of cannabis plants, and many times marijuana busts are based on traffic stops, tips from confidential informants or searches related to police looking for Michigan meth labs. Here are a few of the penalties:

  • Growing fewer than 20 plants carries up to four years of prison time and $20,000 in fines.
  • Growing 20 to 200 plants carries up to seven years of prison time and $500,000 in fines.
  • Growing 200 or more plants carries up to 15 years of prison time and $10 million in fines.

What About Cultivating Marijuana For Medical Purposes?

While the state of Michigan has legalized the use of medical marijuana, the federal government has not. This fact can lead to complexity and confusion for both those who grow marijuana for medical purposes and for the law enforcement personnel attempting to quell illegal grow houses.

In such situations, the counsel and representation of a knowledgeable drug charge defense attorney are critical. Our team has more than 10 years of criminal law experience and the drive to fight vigorously for you and your rights.

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