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Seasoned Operating Under the Influence of Drugs Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

Charges of driving under the influence of drugs can apply whether you have been taking either illegal street drugs or legally prescribed drugs. Even if you have taken OxyContin prescribed by your doctor, you can be found guilty of operating under the influence of drugs (OUID).

At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, our OUID defense lawyers are here to help. We are prepared to evaluate the facts in your case and make recommendations designed to protect your driving privileges, keep you out of jail and otherwise obtain the most favorable outcome.

Our lawyers’ experience in thousands of cases involving criminal matters such as drunk driving and OUID cases has given them insight and tools that will allow them to give you a good idea about how your case is likely to go and advise you accordingly.

A Conviction Can Result In A Criminal Record

Keep in mind that an OUID conviction is much more than a traffic ticket. It can affect your driver’s license as well as leave you with a criminal record.

A conviction means you will be subject to fines, court fees and driver’s license sanctions. If you had a previous DUI on your record, a subsequent OUID conviction will be considered a repeat offense and could cause you to lose your driver’s license.

Providing A Two-Pronged Approach To Your Defense

Depending on the facts of your case, we may take a two-pronged approach in your defense:

  • Damage control: It may be advisable for you to undergo assessment for chemical dependency, enter into drug education and therapy, and otherwise address the issue of how you arrived at the point of an OUID arrest. Being proactive can put you in a strong position before a prosecutor.
  • Litigation: An examination of the manner of your arrest may reveal that police committed legal errors in the process. Did they stop you without a reasonable cause? Were sobriety tests flawed? Did police fail to advise you of your right to an attorney? Any number of legal aspects could provide the key to a successful defense.

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