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When insurance companies suspect fraud, arson or falsified thefts, they typically ask claimants to subject themselves to examination under oath. Regardless of how confident you are of your position, contact an attorney before taking part in any investigation if you are suspected of insurance fraud. Statements that you give to law enforcement agents could cause irreparable harm.

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Skilled Defense Against Insurance Fraud Charges

Especially in tough economic times, many people are faced with difficult financial realities that sometimes tempt them to commit criminal actions such as:

  • Falsely claiming that a car was stolen in order to collect on insurance
  • Damaging property (such as by committing arson) in order to file claims on insurance policies
  • Falsely claim that cash was stolen from a car or home
  • Exaggerating what would otherwise be legitimate insurance claims

You are likely to have questions as your insurance fraud defense case (or any white collar crime matter) moves forward. If we represent you, we will be in frequent communication. You will have the reassurance of knowing what is going on in your case and how we are working for your defense.

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