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If you have been charged with trafficking prescription drugs and this is a first-time arrest for you, please understand that a conviction is a serious possibility. You must take action promptly and do all that you can to preserve your good name and protect your future.

Make the smart choice and contact our team at David G. Moore, Attorney at Law. Our prescription drug trafficking defense lawyers are well-qualified to pursue the goal of protecting your good name and your future by the most promising way forward. Before opening our law practice, our founding attorney served as an assistant district attorney. David Moore and the rest of our legal team are ready to work hard in your defense after a drug trafficking arrest.

Does Scenario Sound Familiar?

Many people who are arrested for prescription drug trafficking fall into this situation almost unwittingly. It is not uncommon to hear stories of a chain of events like the following:

An injury leaves a person in need of pain relief. Doctors prescribe narcotic painkillers. After the injury has healed, the person discovers that he or she has developed a drug dependency. It becomes more difficult to get enough drugs to satisfy the habit. At the same time, money is in short supply as the person struggles to cover up for life problems (such as missing work and falling behind on rent payments) triggered by the drug problem.

Meanwhile, the person learns of friends or even strangers who are willing to pay good money for OxyContin pills, Percocet pills or even Duragesic fentanyl transdermal system patches. One sale leads to more. The person scrambles to get more prescriptions, fill those prescriptions and sells individual units at high prices to fund the developing habit. In serious cases of drug addiction, the person may forge prescriptions or doctor shop in order to obtain more drugs to sell and consume. It is not uncommon for a habitual prescription drug user and seller to cross the line into dealing illegal street drugs, as well.

At any point along the way, a tip-off or a drug bust may result in serious criminal charges, a conviction and a criminal record. A drug trafficking arrest is a serious legal challenge that demands a highly experienced criminal defense attorney.

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