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Decisive Unlawful Possession of a Firearm Attorneys in Southwest Michigan

At David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, our highly regarded legal team is led by David Moore. He has handled thousands of cases involving criminal matters such as firearms possession cases. Before opening our law practice, Moore served as an assistant district attorney. As a result, our team can advise clients with a clear understanding of both sides of a criminal case. We know how to communicate effectively with prosecutors. We know what defendants need to be aware of in order to protect their clean records if at all possible.

Defending Against All Types Of Weapon Possession Charges

Weapons-related criminal charges often have to do with questions of possession. People are sometimes arrested for offenses such as:

  • Carrying a concealed pistol without a license
  • Carrying a concealed pistol while under the influence of alcohol
  • Discharge of a gun inside a building where weapons are prohibited
  • Reckless discharge of a weapon, such as in a crowded place
  • Possession of a weapon in an area that the governor has designated as under a state of emergency
  • Being considered a felon in possession of a firearm because of a previous felony conviction

Unlawful possession of a firearm for any reason is a serious criminal matter once you have been arrested. A conviction could make it impossible for you to legally own guns in the future. A weapons-related criminal conviction could also harm your future in all the same ways that any criminal conviction can. A criminal record may prevent you from following certain careers, for example.

Get The Legal Help You Need

You can count on our experienced criminal lawyers to provide you with skilled, aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense in the face of a gun possession-related arrest. Call our office at (269) 808-8007 to arrange for a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation about fighting these charges and protecting your future, or contact our firm online and we will respond quickly.

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